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    Hi everyone,

    I’m asking for « lighting protection » for my Edel 2.

    How can I protect boat and myself from lighting?!?


    One non-technical solution would be to avoid sailing if a risk of storm/lightning is forecasted. I’m sailing on a lake and never faced this issue ^^.


    Forecasting is OK, but the boat is mooring during summer at open 50-70m from a shore, not in marine, and open to weather element so it need lighting protection.

    Alain Diart
    Lieutenant de vaisseau

    Hi Dragan,

    well, there are numerous resources on the web on the subject, you probably already read them.

    When the lightning strikes, it usually start from the top of the mast, and seeks the least resistive way to the ground (water). It usually follows the mast, then is blocked by the deck that is made of plastic and not too conductive, it can’t be stopped there, so will follow water on the deck or go through the deck to find the centerboard. Whatever the path is, it is the shortest in electrical terms. Usually it leaves the boat not in a so good shape.

    To make life easier, the mast or standing rigging should be electrically linked somehow to the water. Some connect the rigging to a zinc at the end of a fat electric cable (it’s important to have a good electrical connection, the biggest, the better). Some connect the anchor chain to the mast and leave the anchor hanging in the water. There are also systems to put on top of the mast to avoid lightning in the frst place, not sure how good it is.

    None of that will give a reliable protection, but may help.

    Don’t go into the water under the storm, nor manipulate the anchor chain, nor stay on deck, especially close to the mast.

    I’ve done nothing of this on my boat, let’s hope we don’t have to face that any soon…

4 sujets de 1 à 4 (sur un total de 4)
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